The Best Age

With two teething toddlers, it can be easy to find things to complain about. Luckily, there are also many things that are new and wonderful about this age, so to help with those challenging, screaming moments, I’m going to focus on what makes my heart happy.

Their Words. Their vocabulary is limited, but I love those little voices, and the novelty of the few things they say: “Hi Dad”, “Dad Dad Dad” (when happy), “Ma Ma Ma” (when distressed) “Jas, Jas, Jas,” and “Jason”. While I realize there appears to be a bias here, the hilarity of a nugget calling their dad by his first name makes up for it.  They also are starting to mimic words and sounds, and hearing Calvin say “better” in a perfect British accent after hearing it on TV made my week.

Their Company. Babies are sweet, but interactions with them are decidedly one-sided. They are now fun to play with, laugh with and have “conversations” with. They are funny, sweet, and sometimes even cocky when they learn something new or accomplish a goal.  This has been huge for me, since they make up the majority of my human interactions.

Their Bond. I love when they will randomly hold hands, or play with the other’s curls (this typically does not end well). They make each other laugh, and splash so hard in the tub that I might as well have been in there too. They gravitate toward each other and keep close tabs on what the other is up to.  This often results in toy-snatching, but we are focusing on the positives here.

Their Uniqueness. The older they get, the easier it is to tell them apart. Although they are identical, Calvin looks like a baby me, Abel like a baby Jason. Calvin is now walking like a pro, Abel prefers to furniture surf. Abel will clean out a restaurant bread basket, Calvin acts like most solid food is poisonous. It is very cool to watch two separate personalities develop side by side.

So while there are certainly times when they are difficult, I am still savoring these moments and milestones. In many ways, each age truly is the best, because you only get to experience it once. And while I’m sure I will miss this stage, I look forward to those ahead. Especially the ones when they are potty-trained.

One year ago and now

One year ago and now

Diana Dionne

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I’m Diana Dionne, a Caribou native now living in the country in Androscoggin County, married to another Aroostook County transplant. A former communications professional, I now am a freelance writer, and spend my days communicating (or attempting to communicate), with my identical two year old twin boys, Calvin and Abel.