Baby Products to Borrow or Try Before You Buy

When preparing for the arrival of twins, it is hard to fight the instinct to think things like “Must buy two of everything!” “Buy out the pacifier section!” “This looks highly technical so I must have it – and two of it!”

It turns out however, that while for some items, buying two of the best you can afford is a good thing (like car seats) buying a lot or even two of other items can be a waste. While I am certainly not a baby supply expert, the rejected items that clutter are basement, closets, corners…indicate that there are some “necessities” that may prove otherwise. Here are a few.

Fancy Swings – after reading reviews and a few overwhelming trips to Babies R Us, We decided that our precious babies MUST have the MamaRoos. After all, “it moves like you do!”   Calvin and Abel did not agree.  I think four non-crying minutes were spent in the contraptions. Combined.  Understanding our pain, our brother and sister-in-law lent us three different swings their kids had outgrown.  Of that, one was the clear winner.  Oddly, when we purchased the exact same model, the borrowed one was still most coveted.

Happy boy scored THE swing

Happy boy scored THE swing

Baby Carriers – Between gifts and our own purchases we had six nice carriers, and I had visions of us both strolling outside with the babies (turns out not practical for preemies born in October in Maine), or me happily doing housework, wearing one baby while the other peacefully napped (clearly this was before the reality of juggling two babies set in). While they were nice the handful of times they were used, two (or one) carrier your baby will actually tolerate is far better than a closetful of those they won’t. If you are able, this is definitely a product to borrow to see what one, if any, work for your baby.

Diaper Cream – We were stocked with many tubes and tubs of various all natural, fancy creams. Turns out that what works best on my boys’ bums is good old Desitin.

Pacifiers – While I certainly don’t recommend borrowing these, if you do decide to use pacifiers, come in stocked with a variety of different types. It took a couple of fails for us to find the ONE specific kind both boys liked.  I also have a friend whose baby favors the type given in the hospital so you never know.  On a side note, I know that some are reluctant to try pacifiers for fear of the weaning that must be done in the future.  In our case, our boys lost interest in them at around eight months, and were magical in helping them sleep in the early months, so it may be worth giving it a shot.

The beauty of the right pacifier

The beauty of the right pacifier

Are there any items you wished you had held off on buying before your baby was born?

Diana Dionne

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I’m Diana Dionne, a Caribou native now living in the country in Androscoggin County, married to another Aroostook County transplant. A former communications professional, I now am a freelance writer, and spend my days communicating (or attempting to communicate), with my identical two year old twin boys, Calvin and Abel.