What Not To Say to Twin Moms in the Grocery Store

Most pregnant women quickly realize that it is hard to hide from the stares, questions, and even touching that the belly receives everywhere they go. I remember thinking that I was excited for the boys to be born so I could have some peace when I was out. How naïve I was. I cannot go anywhere without being stopped, questioned and having them stared at, talked to, or yes, even touched. I certainly appreciate that people think they are so great, but when you have a short window of errands time between naps, feedings and meltdowns, efficiency is key.

In no particular order, here are the things I am tired of hearing when out and about. While many are certainly not rude or ill intentioned, after the 1,000th time (see numbers 1-3), I could do without them.

1. Double Trouble!
2. You have your hands full.
3. Twins? One of each?
4. What beautiful girls!
5. Hey (insert name of shopping buddy here), come check out these twins!
6. How did you carry them?
7. Do you plan on having any more?
8. Let me see them babies!!! (Okay, this happened just once, but I was chased down the aisle by someone on a motorized cart, so it bears mentioning.)
9. I took care of twins once. Wasn’t a fan. (Also once, but really?)
10. My kids are (11 months, two years, etc.) apart so I know just how it is!

Hard to be subtle in this ride

Hard to be subtle in this ride

The one exception to my desire for a no contact zone is from another twin mom. It is reassuring to see someone who has been there and seems perfectly sane, and I love hearing stories about how the special bond twins have manifests as they grow up.

So the next time you see a tired mom trying to fit a gallon of milk into her double stroller, please give her a smile, but also her space! And if you see a mom of triplets(!) maybe just slip an extra bottle of wine in her cart.

Diana Dionne

About Diana Dionne

I’m Diana Dionne, a Caribou native now living in the country in Androscoggin County, married to another Aroostook County transplant. A former communications professional, I now am a freelance writer, and spend my days communicating (or attempting to communicate), with my identical two year old twin boys, Calvin and Abel.