“Hookable” Moments


Don’t worry; this is still a family blog. I’m referring to a technique that my husband taught me to help you remember those fleeting thoughts…the ones that often get lost when your attention is pulled elsewhere, a phenomenon that is all too common when your primary occupation is Toddler Wrangler. He explained that when you […]

1,000 Ways to Anger Your Toddler

It's all fun and games until I try to take those precious sticks away

Okay, maybe not that many. However, my children would like the general public to be aware of the many transgressions I commit every day that make their lives exceedingly difficult. Note: the last one just happened and it may be one of my favorite things ever. Replacing a yogurt-spackled blanket with a clean fluffy one […]

Things (That Should Be) Left Unsaid

Not impressed with my "no"

The other day, while checking if Clorox Wipes were safe to use on my new countertops, I learned that they should not be used for “personal” cleansing. It’s just one of those statements that make you wonder why it even had to be said. I had a similar feeling while explaining to Abel while the […]

My Two (Favorite) Dads


I’m not talking about the quirky late-eighties show with a pre-Mad About You Paul Reiser. (Does anyone remember why both guys thought they were her dad?  And also, with no USA Network in the nineties, what would we have done on sick days?) I’m talking about the two favorite dads in my life.  The one […]

Under Attack

under attack

These past couple of weeks I have felt like our house has been under attack. First to be under siege was my poor Abel, who all of a sudden had some odd bumps on his legs.  After going back and forth from Googling “Chicken Pox”, to thinking “but they were vaccinated” to Googling “Chicken Pox […]

The Stages of Twindom


One of the perks of twin parenthood is that in addition to watching your child grow as an individual, you get to watch how the way they interact and relate to each other evolves as well. (Please note: the term “perk” doesn’t necessarily describe all stages of these interactions). In observing the most recent, and […]

Cirque Du Baby


Remember when your kids were teeny and couldn’t move very far without your help? You know, when you could do crazy things like take a shower or eat a sandwich without fearing for their safety? Me too – many heart attacks ago.  My husband has coined this the “Cirque Du Soleil” phase, as these fearless […]

FATQs (Frequently Asked Twin Questions)

Abel seeks answers

After the initial “Twins?!? ” reaction, I have become accustomed to a series of questions by the strangers we encounter each day. Here are a handful of them. Are they identical? Yes. A boy and a girl? See above. Also, note that many people don’t understand the definition of identical. Do twins run in your […]

The Art of the Unexpected

abel green jams

Routine has always been a friend to me. From detailed chore lists as a child, to the need to always eat breakfast with a good cooking magazine in the morning, I’ve liked things familiar and orderly.  It has been hard to reconcile this desire with parenthood, when the unexpected is usually the norm.  This is a lesson […]

The Control Group

looking babies

When we learned that the twins we were expecting were identical, Jason joked (I hope!) that we should raise them separately for a few years, then bring them back together to see what was nature and what was nurture. While I think he really just wanted to ensure that one child was given bacon versus […]